This is the core team speaking….

For 7 days starting from August 8, 2021, CoinMarketCap will host an Airdrop event on their space worthy platform to promote the Corgidoge Airdrop. Over $10,000 worth of CORGI will be sent out to 2,000 lucky participants, and it’s real simple to join. …

You might have heard the buzz about an upcoming Corgidoge (“CORGI”) token.

Today I so happy tell you Corgidoge(“CORGI”) is ongoing in Binance smartchain. We greatly appreciate all the support from our fervent community members who have maintained unwavering loyalty for us throughout even the most difficult times of the recent crypto winter.

Community Gift of Corgidoge Token Airdrop and referral program

To show our most sincere appreciation to you. We…

Corgidoge Official

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