Corgi doge airdrop and referral program

You might have heard the buzz about an upcoming Corgidoge (“CORGI”) token.

Today I so happy tell you Corgidoge(“CORGI”) is ongoing in Binance smartchain. We greatly appreciate all the support from our fervent community members who have maintained unwavering loyalty for us throughout even the most difficult times of the recent crypto winter.

Community Gift of Corgidoge Token Airdrop and referral program

To show our most sincere appreciation to you. We will be rewarding our CORGI token to new user with an CORGI token.

The CORGI token reward will be 1,000,000,000,000 CORGI ($1,000, 000 soft cap) for new user and referral. You will get 100,000 CORGI when you register via your wallet on metamask and total earn up to 1,000,000 CORGI in referral program.

I know you worry about too much 0 in amount, we make it valuation and you happy in future. Don’t worry how many 0 number, it’s free for everyone in reward program


The referral program will be unlocked for distribution instantly when you register and whom register by your referral link

  • 100,000 CORGI for new user
  • 5,000 CORGI for first level in referral
  • 3,000 CORGI for second level in referral
  • 2,000 CORGI for third level in referral
  • 1,000 CORGI for fourth level in referral

How to Claim CORGI

CORGI tokens may only be claimed and retrieved through the Metamask wallet. The referral program will have a registration window in which eligible your must register with your BSC address to the Metamask. The Metamask will verify your owner wallet to allow you to claim each user and referral.

Qualified CORGI token holders will need to pay the associated gas fee for the Binance smartchain network to get your CORGI BSC tokens from the foundation’s wallet to your own wallet. [Note: Token holders’ must pay gas fees ONLY when claiming their tokens and NOT when registering]

Following the registration period, qualified holders will have 30 days to claim their tokens. [Note: Token holders can claim their tokens for 30 days AFTER the end of the registration period]

In the unlikely case that some tokens go unclaimed; they will be redistributed over the next installment and then eventually to the community. Therefore, tokens must be claimed within each claim period.

To learn more, Corgi Explore visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram!



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